Our FastLane experts get you into the digital fast lane

Karsten Oelmann

Director E-Commerce

Karsten builds solutions that provide answers to the digital challenges of today. His creative ideas and solutions can sometimes drive those in his team absolutely mad.

Marlene Hell

E-Commerce Managerin

Marlene manages the day-to-day operations, customer service and our talented apprentices. Her love of e-commerce is also reflected in her leisure time as a passionate online shopper.

Julian Esser

Senior Project Manager

Julian is responsible for new customer enquiries and project implementation activities. He takes our customers to the next level. Eight coffees a day is nothing to him.

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Business Solution Design Architect


Anika Heck

Senior Project Managerin

Anika advises our customers right from the get-go to make sure that they find the best possible solution for their e-commerce business and supports the joint implementation. A workplace should never be without a bar of chocolate.

Christian Koch

Solution Design Architect

Christian is responsible for operating the shops and integrating new functions. In his team he is also a strong advocate for the future of agile working.

Cliff Schwochau

Carrier and Claim Management

Cliff is responsible for all CDP concerns in CDP management, such as runtime reports, claims and collection planning. Challenges are always readily accepted.

Tillmann Schmelzle

Marketplace Manager

Till actively and strategically helps our customers establish a smooth process in their e-commerce business. Coffee has long since stopped having any effect on him.

Tatsiana Niamkovich

Solution Design Architect

Tatsiana is responsible for implementing customer-specific requirements and processes in the shop environment. Tatsiana, Tatiana, Tanja, Tanechka, Tanjushka – all have been her actual name at some point.

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Carolin Zauner

Shop Management

Carolin assists our customers with measures to further develop the shop and establish an omnichannel approach. Incidentally, she’s also a stickler for grammar and correct spelling.

Vivien Geist

Carrier and Claim Management

Vivien deals with our customers’ claim management as part of CDP management and is responsible for communication with the carriers. Her passion is fashion and lifestyle, so she has come to exactly the right place.

Jacek Tapia Garcia

Online Marketing

Jacek is our all-rounder in the area of online and digital marketing. His creative ideas constantly impress the team and our customers.

Anxhela Alinj


Anxhela is our apprentice and energetically supports the entire e-commerce team. She loves variety, so feels right at home in the e-commerce environment.

Bojan Hermann

Leader Operations E-Commerce

Bojan manages the Shop management and IT Operations teams and ensures stable and efficient workflows for our customers. He enjoys annoying colleagues with his bad jokes.

Christian Hörr

Solution Design Architect

Christian is responsible for operating the shops and integrating new functions. In his team he is also a strong advocate for the future of agile working.

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KEP Manager



Are you looking for fast, dynamic and innovative solutions for the challenges in your e-commerce business? Then join us in the digital fast lane. We will find the right e-commerce solution for you and ensure seamless live operation by combining our expertise with those of our strong partners. We strive to not only offer you state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions, but to also focus on speed and flexibility. You focus on your products, we take care of the rest!



We think differently and tread new paths because we understand our customers. You won’t find any standard, run-of-the-mill solutions here. Our solutions are as unique as your business.

Integrated services

Integrated end-to-end solutions in e-commerce along the entire supply chain. We don’t just sell a finished product, we develop individual and scalable solutions. All from a single source.

Technology and know-how

Extensive experience in contract and distribution logistics meets e-commerce services and modern IT systems. A formula for the success of your e-commerce business.


We are an integrative service division within the ITG Group that covers all services that customers need along the entire supply chain, from procurement through to the end customer. In addition to high-quality services in the field of contract logistics, our services also include global air and sea freight activities, including customs clearance, as well as national and European overland transport. We are committed to providing tailored solutions and creating added value for the customer.

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Marlene Hell

E-Commerce Managerin

+49 160 91998174